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SHIF.T is an IMPACT driven Global Creative Agency known for producing eclectic immersive experiences that fuses the worlds of wellness, the arts and philanthropy. Motivated by current events and relevant societal and environmental narratives, these immersive experiences are designed to plant seeds of information and to inspire a SHIF.T between passive awareness to active engagement.

We strategically transform our spaces in a way that promote healing, without compromising the element of elegance, performance and entertainment. Our motto, “Party With a Purpose”, ensures that our lifestyle experiences not only bring you a good time, but a more meaningful and enriching one, too. 


We are a catalyst to transformation and strive to shape and align with companies that impact culture and the way we live. By helping our clients gain clarity of intention, deconstruct existing structures, and rebuild stronger foundations, we are able to sustainably SHIF.T their long term strategies. With refreshed direction and a sense of deepened purpose we are able to evolve brand narratives in an uplifting and empowering way. Through this creative fusion of platforms, we offer a holistic approach to bringing our guests, clients and brands to life! Fusion is the Future!



"Party With a Purpose"

"Just Say Yes..."

"Hippy Hearts and City Living" 

"The Future is Fusion"

We Are The SHIF.T

Conscious  Production              Immersive Events              Experiential Education              Social Wellness               Transformation


"We help you reduce engagement with old ways that no longer work in new times by offering sustainable, effective perspectives that help you and your business achieve your goals. With the right tools, resources and a holistic process we will help you refine and redefine your personal and brand narratives. Perspective is reality, and we are a conduit for transformation."
This approach not only allows for personal development but provides people with the skills that better equip them for a more effective life experience whether as a boss, employee, teacher, student or parent.


 The Memetic Environment

 The Body Environment

 The Self Environment

 The Nature Environment

 The Spiritual Environment

 The Relationship Environment

 The Network Environment

 The Financial Environment

 The Physical Environment

Invest in yourself
Commit to your Transformation
Everything Good and Bad that happens, is for your growth and development, TRUST in the process
A Holistic Approach is not about instant gratification- The BANDAID- But rather, about healing your roots aka The SOLUTION
  Tools and Practices to sustain long term SHIF.T's


The inspiration behind SHIF.T rests on Tatiana’s pursuit of the raw truth and understanding of the human experience and its betterment. 


Tatiana has dedicated herself to the ongoing study of holistic living over the past decade. Studying different life philosophies and practices ranging from Peruvian Shamanism to Freudian Psychology, her desire to understand her own process, and her vast experiences with different people and situations, has enabled her to understand people in the dynamic and diverse way that she does. 


Tatiana was born into a family of entrepreneurs who found success in the food and hospitality industry. She began her learning journey as a toddler as her parents operated some of the most lively, and sought after, restaurants on the Upper East Side of New York City from the late 80's to present day. It was through this early experience that she learned the invaluable knowledge, and perspective, on what it means to cater, create and, critically be in service for the greater enjoyment of her guests.


Tatiana’s early career was inspired by her management experience at Bad Boy Records working under Phil Robinson. Once she got a taste, she new she had found something that she loved and went on to managing, branding and promoting some of the biggest DJ’s in the underground nightlife scene in New York City. Over time, this experience helped her understand that there was a void in the types of experiences that people could be having. As a result of this, she set out to fuse multiple elements and create immersive experiences in a new environment. SHIF.T was born.


Recognizing that while many people brought art to the music scene, not many people were bringing the music scene to the art world. She wanted to showcase artists in unconventional ways and get away from the white box. This eventually segued into her branding, pr and managing of contemporary and urban artists alike. She began “Party With A Purpose”, which would transform spaces and create engaging, interactive experiences through their works to bring people on a journey; to feel something; to shift perspective and to come together for a greater cause. 


Combining a balance of mental, physical and spiritual practice with truth, knowledge and right action, Tatiana has helped many people on their transformative SHIF.T's and now has expanded her reach over seas.


Partnered with Culture Trip, SHIF.T experiences are considered amongst the most authentic, exclusive, international experiences.


Born and raised in New York City, Tatiana holds a B.A. in Communications, Cum Laude, with a Psychology minor from Pace University.

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