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"Party With A Purpose" is SHIF.T's way of creating a platform for external dialogues referencing different aspects of our human experience. Each immersive experience is uniquely created by fusing what may seem like contradicting philosophies & cultures in complementary ways. We strive to inspire, educate, empower and offer tools on how to engage with the world with impact. We create fun and vibrant containers meant to provoke emotion and stimulate the senses.

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MUSE : In Honor of International Women's Day 2019 featuring the works and Images of Fabrizio Musa and Patrick Demarchelier. Women have been depicted as caregivers, fragile and submissive throughout history and art. Today, in a time where women are rising beyond that stigma, we honor them by remembering that behind every masterpiece is a strong, beautiful MUSE, and without inspiration, there is no creation! 

An Immersive Evening featuring the works of Alex Nero, Alex Smetsky & Westgard  and the beats of Dangerkwest in Honor of World Water DayWe brought art, video, entertainment and purpose together to promote and support 100 for All's efforts of providing third world families with clean water solutions and take a deeper dive into the many layers of the Global Water Crisis

Love is Love... LA Takeover

SHIF.T x Migration x Zig Zag came together in LA to celebrate LOVE in all of its forms and bring the West Coast a taste of New York. East met West with artists Start Vault, Phobik, Adam Dare, Septerhed & London Graffiti while DJ Three, Deep Jesus, Tal Ohana & Motem guided the room with their beats

One Night Stand at Florent

SHIF.T, WhIsBe, Gumshoe & Hassan Kinley come together at famed Meat Packing District spot, Florent, to celebrate the history and culture it brought to the authentic New York neighborhood and scene for so many years


SHIF.T, Hektad, Adam Dare, Jas Petersen & Kwue Molly came together for the LOVE for Water by partnering up with Fountain Realty Group and 100 for All

Schorr To Be...

Through the work of Mitchell Schorr, we encouraged spectators to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and engage in the repressed and sometimes taboo conversations around our carnal desires: material, social & sensory alike...

NYFW 2016 @ Lively NYC 

SHIF.T x Bang/Tidy team up for fashion week in NYC Meat Packing District for an Immersive evening of live art featuring Adam Dare, Mikispin, Krystal Rose & Resinn, sustainable indigenous fashion courtesy of Valentina Palacios & beats by Momus

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