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"VIBErant Eats is the Supper Club health conscious New Yorkers have been waiting for."


                                                    The Culture Trip

"Tatiana is clearly a professional and true believer who practices what she preaches. I was struck not only by her warmth, but also by her in-depth knowledge of all she was observing. Her respect for the rituals were apparent, and because of her understanding, I felt the night arose from a deep appreciation and not appropriation."

                                          Color My Bubble

"Tatiana is an exceptional healer, producer, and conceptual maven. I personally find her to be one of the most kind, humble, and loving people I know. She’s not afraid to think outside of the box and stand out amongst the rest. Tatiana creatively thinks of unique ways to present brands and artists in a different light. She does this by really understanding their message and conveying it to the world in an intriguing and thought-provoking way.  


She is in alignment with her purpose, which is reflected through the work she does wholeheartedly. I respect and support her main goal, which is to leave a positive impact on humanity with every project she works on. There’s a bigger message with an even larger impact to be had. Her holistic approach to creating, understanding, and living resonates immensely with me and after speaking with her I always feel like I’ve learned something new and more fulfilled."  


                                          Dorit J. - Certified Nutritionist 

"Tatiana is a special and very gifted person. Those are the facts and they cannot be disputed by anyone who has spent any time whatsoever in her company...Her aura is blinding. It isn't just her warm smile and elegant manner. She is able to communicate a caring and empathetic heart free of judgment with just a few words or no words at all...She seems to be a people whisperer. She instinctively is able to take people from one emotional space into another with a warm touch of her hand and some welcoming words... It's miraculous to watch...She is a light that you must not walk to but, run towards." 



                                       Alan B.-  Founder & Advertising Expert

"Tatiana helps her clients succeed at their goals through exploring and practicing spiritually stress reducing shifts on a daily basis, helping them discover a better-quality holistic lifestyle and developing a community that helps them uphold their new discovered truths. Her positive and engaging approach is refreshing in the age of misinformation and confusion in health and wellness choices.


She provides each person with customized tools & resources that best fit their personality, creating positive outcomes physically, mentally, and spiritually. She possesses deep empathy, a love for connecting and communicating with others, and the desire to empower everyone to uncover their greatest potential & who doesn’t want that? Her events exercise and engage her ability to create an environment of health-conscious wanderlust and your ability to connect to the deeper side of your well-being, going from inside out & the outside, in."


                                          Dalia K.  Global Digital Marketing Producer

"I worked with Tatiana in London where she put on an amazing show. Coming to a place where she knew no one and creating something entirely out of nothing was inspiring enough, but the time I spent with her outside of that, was even more so. As I was telling her the woes I had spoken of for years with other people and then heard her entirely different response, I really got a true sense of her essence and the spirit behind the creator. I didn't know it then, or maybe I did, but Tatiana turned out to be one of the most influential people I would ever meet. Her words shifted my perspective so much, that with a newfound sense of confidence, purpose and positivity, I was able to finally act on and fulfill my lifelong dream of moving to NYC."


                                          Daniel B.- Marketing Director & Speaker

"I was invited to a Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation...I was greeted by Tatiana who was the creator of the evening and joined a group of a dozen others in a beautiful ceremony...After the ceremony completed we were treated to a beautifully prepared vegetarian meal called a Chakra Dinner that was lovingly prepared by Tatiana...I left there feeling like I had taken a brief trip to a healing center and spa as the entire experience was uplifting on all fronts. The evening was truly magical."

                                          Barbara K. -  Entrepreneur & Fashion Influencer

Tatiana was a godsend. I had the pleasure of spending a week with her. I had no idea it would be one of the best weeks of my life. I felt as if I had my spirituality together but Tatiana helped me take that to the next level. She shifted my view on reality. The affirmations she helped me create were amazing and I still use them to this day. I wish I could write down everything I learned but this testimonial would be a novel. The best part was how nonjudgmental and open minded Tatiana was. She has a very safe and nurturing vibe so if you're nervous don't worry. I can truly say that Tatiana helped me change my life.


                                          Brian O.- Dating Coach

"I felt nurtured in Tatiana's presence, she was able to soften my emotional barriers so that I could see for myself what I was struggling with internally. She then shared with me some practices that I began implementing on a routine basis to remind me of the work we had done. I continue to practice the techniques she taught me to this day and I'm hugely thankful to have met such an awesome soul."


                                          Leah S. - Student


"Wow what an experience! During the time I spent with Tatiana we were able to dive into emotions, sensations, and past memories I would have been far too fearful to explore on my own. She is quite versatile in her methods and surprised me in her capability to tailor our sessions to my own personal needs. After each time we met I felt as though I was more in touch with my true path and purpose as a man, a very hard feeling to describe but a very powerful and pleasant experience believe me!I left with a sense of acceptance for myself and the world around me."


                                                       Leo P.- Activist


"There was one conversation in particular that seemed to change the way I thought about everything. Tatiana never told me how to think or what I should do with regard to the specifics of my situation. What she did was guide me to look at the events in my life from a completely different angle, and to change the language with which I constructed my beliefs. It felt as though in that moment she was helping me to rewire my brain, enabling me to shift my idea of reality from one built around negativity and absolutes to one of positivity and endless possibilities." 


                                          Francesca D. - Business Consultant

"Tatiana revealed a path I could walk down without even knowing what that path was. It's still a hard task to walk that path but thanks to her, I at least know that the option exists and where I could find it. Since our time shared, I have begun to change the world around me, working to shape the reality that I have always wanted to live in but had not realized was possible to achieve." 


                                          Anthony S. - Accountant

"Tatiana's warm presence fills up a room as soon as she walks in. It's like turning on a bright light in a dark room."


                                         Michelle P. - Life Coach


"Tatiana has a great talent for connecting with people. Her empathic and intuitive nature allows her to hear much more than you're saying with just words."

                                          Patrick L. - Lawyer



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